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Kolkata City Map

Kolkata or Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal, a state of India. It is the principal, commercial, cultural and educational centre of East India. It boasts of Port of Kolkata, the major riverine port as India's oldest operating port. As a growing metropolitan city, it is known for its population, pollution, traffic congestion etc. It is the third most populated metropolitan of India. Kolkata India is the main commercial and financial hub of Eastern India. It is the home to Calcutta Stock Exchange. The main factor of attraction about Kolkata is that it is the only city to have a international airport.

Kolkata map shows the location of the city in the lower Ganges Delta of eastern India. The city's elevation is 1.5-9m.

The city is filled with historical monuments and palaces and hence is called the "city of palaces".

Kolkata offers enormous opportunities of jobs in Kolkata and many show interests in studying at Kolkata University as it offers many advanced courses that are job oriented ones.

Hotels in Kolkata generally caters to the taste buds of all with their cuisines ranging from local to international delicacies.

All the hotel offer rice and fish curry known as Machcher Jhol, beguni, kati roll, phuchka along with desserts such as rasgulla, sandesh and mishit doi.

Kolkata City Map

Kolkata City Map
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