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Kanpur City Map

Kanpur is the industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh and administrative head quarters of Kanpur district. It is the twelfth most populated city in India. It is also the major hub of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Being the one of the oldest townships of North India, Kanpur city is one of the biggest industrial throb of Uttar Pradesh, the haven of brand new satellite city named as New Kanpur City. The feature about Kanpur will spread over 10,000 acres of prime land on the banks of river Ganga.

It is regarded as one of the most modern and well planned city in the whole country of India.

Kanpur India is a well planned and no power cut zone.

Where is Kanpur? Kanpur comes under the indo - gangetic planes of India.

It is situated on the left side of river Ganges and hence is abundant in water supply to irrigate fertile lands and is a boon to farmers.

It is also an abode for many birds be it residential or migratory birds. It also has the biggest zoo in Asia. It also has exotic species and different varieties of flora.

Kanpur is home to several educational universities which have made it a centre of attraction and most popular. Kanpur University is world renowned one.

Kanpur City Map

Kanpur City Map
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