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Kanhangad City Map

Kanhangad belongs to the district of Kasaragod. It is bounded by Western Ghats in the east and the great Arabian Sea in the west, the north and south side has two rivers, Talapadi and the Trikaripur respectively.

The climate in summer is hot and humid. Kanhangad city map denotes that it lies between North latitudes 11-18' & 12-48' and 74-52' & 75-26' east longitudes. As per Kanhangad road map you can reach Kanhangad either from Coimbatore or Kochi by road.

But the nearest would be Mangalore to Kanhangad which is just 84 km away. The primary sources of income for the people here are agriculture and fishing.

Pepper, cashew, rubber, coconut, rice and ginger are the main crops grown here.

About Kanhangad city, Malayalam is the main language spoken. Tulu, Kannada and Konkani are also spoken by some communities. Kanhangad tourist map shows spots like Bekal Fort which is at top of the hill from where the undisturbed Lakshadweep Sea can be seen.

It is the largest fort in Kerala. This fort was captured by Tipu sultan from Vijaynagara Empire. A mosque was built by him near the fort. There is the Chandragiri Fort and Valiyaparamba, the most beautiful backwater stretch.

 Ranipuram Valley, also known as Kerala Ooty has cool climate. The other tourist spots can be spotted in Kanhangad map

Kanhangad City Map

Kanhangad City Map
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