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Jorhat City Map

There are numerous Assam tourist places to visit, when you are in Assam. Jorhat is one of the most important cities in Assam. Jorhat map contains information on how to reach this town. Jorhat Assam is also known as the tea capital of India.

You can also reach Assam Jorhat by rail and air. Jorhat is well connected to all the important places of Assam. If you take a look at Jorhat district map, then you will get to know about all the tourist attractions in this place. Jorhat tourism has got a boost due to Kaziranga national park that is only a few kilometers outside Jorhat.

Jorhat is also home to many education institutions.

Jorhat engineering college is also one of the most premiere and popular college in north eastern part of India.

Students from all over India come to study here.

If you are looking for hotel in Jorhat, then you can obtain information online. You can visit Jorhat throughout the year.

But it is best to avoid this place during winters when temperatures can go as low as 10 degrees Celsius. You have to plan your visit in such a way that the weather is favorable as well. Jorhat is located 116 meters above sea level.

Jorhat City Map

Jorhat City Map
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