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Jamshedpur City Map

Jamshedpur city is located in Jharkhand state of India. Orissa and West Bengal are its neighbouring states. Jamshedpur map shows it’s geographically area of 149.23 sq. km.

It is situated in forest region and surrounded by Dalma Hills. Kharkai and Subarnarekha are the two rivers which flow through the territory and are the sources of drinking water.

The climate of Jamshedpur is extreme and dry. Summers are very hot with temperatures 35-49 degree Celsius while the winter temperature drops to 1 degree Celsius. July to September brings in monsoon season with annual rainfall of 1200mm.

Jamshedji Nauserrwanji Tata was the founder of this city and hence it was also called as the “Steel City”. After all the efforts and searching for site to setup plant, Steel plant was then setup in Jamshedpur. Today Jamshedpur India is the largest producer of iron and steel.

Being the first planned industrial city, Jamshedpur had all the facilities and comforts that Jamshedji Tata had planned. You can view Jamshedpur city map to know all the details about Jamshedpur city.

Areas were also allotted for building temples, mosques and churches.The planned roads can also be seen in the Jamshedpur road map.
Jamshedpur Jharkhand is the largest and most populated city. Tourists are attracted by amazing landmarks like Jubilee Park, Tata Zoological Park, DimnaLake, Dalma wild life sanctuary, in the city.

Jamshedpur City Map

Jamshedpur City Map
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