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Jalandhar City Map

Jalandhar is a city in the state of Punjab and is located in Jalandhar. It was also known as Prasthala and Jullundur. It is the second largest seller of vehicles in the state. It was the capital of Punjab from India's independence until Chandigarh was built. Jalandhar Punjab is the less populated and cleanest city in Punjab. The interesting feature about jalandhar is that it is the provider of goods like glass and furniture. It is also the hub for sports goods manufacturing industries.

Jalandhar India has major road and rail connections being the centre of Punjab.

It is the hub of many industries such as leather tool pouches, agricultural produce, electrical goods, sport goods etc.

Daily Ajit jalandhar is the world's largest selling newspaper in the Punjabi Language.

It is owned by Sainis Hamdard family members. It was found in 1942 in Urdu language.

Hotels in jalandhar serves traditional Panjabi food along with the trademark of Punjabi Cuisine known as Tandoori Cooking.

It offers some of the best traditional food and the congenial ambience of these hotels reflect the rich culture and heritage of Jalandhar. Most of the hotels serve oriental, traditional, Indian vegetarian and non vegetarian food that is a delicious platter.

Jalandhar City Map

Jalandhar City Map
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