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Hisar City Map

Hisar is a part of Haryana state and lies in the northwest India and was once a centre of Harappa culture. As per map of Hisar, it is located 164 km away from Delhi.

Hisar map shows that it lies between 5'5"N latitude and 75° 45'55"E longitudes. Hisar city is considered the fast urban city in Haryana and it was founded by Firozshah Tughlaq in 1354 A.D.

Hisar in Arabic means ’Fort’ and was previously called as ‘Hisar Firoza’. The climate in Hisar is both in extremes during summer and winter. It has well connected roads and railways. It has an airport called Hisar airport.

Hisar city is a large manufacturer of steel and is also called as “The City of Steel”. Asia’s largest livestock farm and is in Hisar and also has a centre for sheep breeding. The city is known as Education Hub of Haryana state and had established the first university HAU-Haryana Agricultural University in 1971. Agriculture in Haryana was very backward, HAU has transformed the city and has now made it as agriculturally developed city.

It has set up many schools; colleges and medical institutions. People from adjoining state arrive here for medical treatment, education, purchasing quality seeds and cattles.

Hisar City Map

Hisar City Map
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