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Hampi City Map

Hampi is a city situated in the Indian state of Karnataka. One thing which is famous about Hampi city is that it is reckoned as a religious centre as it has the popular Virupaksha temple.

The places of religious importance have allowed Hampi tourism to spread and has renowned the Hampi tourist map. The Hampi district is the major centre house for the tourism aspect.

The Hampi Karnataka State formed an integral part of the Vijaynagara Empire. The Hampi map Karnataka State illustrates that the city is located on the banks of Tungabhadra River.

Agriculture is an important feature for the economy of this place along with tourism. The Hampi travel guide further explains you about the location of various tourist places of interest. The Hampi road map is another way to enhance your journey experience.
The map of Hampi city is an adequate representation of various courses which can be taken by the tourist and you will definitely aid yourself with the map of Hampi, if there is uncertainty in your mind.

  The Hampi map can also be utilized to aptly determine the location of Hampi hotels and enable you to prepare well in advance for the tour. Overall, the Hampi city map is of tremendous benefits if you are planning to travel here.

Hampi City Map

Hampi City Map
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