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Guntur City Map

The city of Guntur is present in Arunachal Pradesh and is around 64 kms away from the Bay of Bengal. The Guntur District connects most of the major cities which are present in the state making it quite a well developed city.

Amaravati and Bhattiprolu are the main attractions which you will find on the Guntur city map. But the city is also famous for the various textiles available. In fact, you can even find out more about Guntur from the Buddhist influences which you get to see all over the city.

In fact, legends state that the first Kalachakra was performed by Buddha in this region. The more interesting places to visit according to the Guntur map are the Stinagaram and also the Guthikonda caves.

In fact, these old places are said to even have references in the Vedic Puranas.

If you want a good hotel in Guntur, you can opt for the various resorts which are available just around the vicinity of the main city centre.

The Guntur museum is also another good place to visit in Guntur city. You get to attain more knowledge about the city from the museum. The city can be accessed by cars and busses, the nearest city with an international airport being Hyderabad.

Guntu City Map

Guntu City Map
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