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Gaya City Map

Gaya is one of the largest cities of Bihar. It is the headquarters of Gaya district. Gaya city is located 100 kilometers from Patna. Gaya city has many mythological places. It has an ancient culture. You will find many Ghats in Gaya district.

Gaya Bihar is very important to Hindus from the point of salvation. The history of Gaya dates back to the time of Gautama Buddha.

If you have a look at Gaya Bihar map then you will know about all the possible places to visit in Gaya.

When you are in Bihar Gaya you will get to know that this city has earned the reputation of being one of the most important cities. Gaya weather is very predictable. It is very hot during summer and very cold during winters. The Gaya Bihar airport does not cater to commercial airlines. It only provides services to south Asian destinations. Gaya international airport is located between Gaya and Bodhgaya.

If you want to locate hotel in Gaya, then you have to search on the internet.

Gaya is also popular for its sweet delicacies. Magadha University is a very popular university that is located in Gaya. You will also find many engineering colleges in Gaya. The district map of Gaya shows all the neighboring districts surrounding Gaya.

Gaya City Map

Gaya City Map
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