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Dhanbad City Map

Dhanbad is a city in Jharkhand and also as the coal capital of India. It is the 96th fastest growing city in the Jharkhand city. According to 2011 census, Dhanbad is one among 53 cities of India with more than one million populations. It is also the second largest revenue generating city after Mumbai. Dhanbad Jharkhand is famous for coal mining, iron and steel industry, coal mining, coal washing and coal making industries.

The exceptional feature about dhanbad is that it experiences a humid sub tropical climate and a tropical wet and dry climate. It receives heavy rainfall and due to the presence of two large dams, many people are involved in pisciculture. This is possible with the availability of many forests.

Dhanbad public school is very popular in the region.

It provides excellent education and dedicates to impart quality education to every student. This school refines and hones the skills, attitudes and aptitudes of each student and make them excel in every field.

Dhanbad news is a popular newspaper daily circulated everywhere in the region.

It covers all the happenings in the area and provides you with up to date events happening around you. It probes around each incident and keeps the people well informed of the current affairs.

Dhanbad City Map

Dhanbad City Map
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