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Bodhgaya City Map

The ancient city of Bodhgaya is a place worth visiting. You will find many ancient monuments in this place. This place is an important place since it is the place where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. The exact place where he attained enlightenment is known as Mahabodhi temple.

This place is a UNESCO heritage site. This means that no reconstruction can take place in this site. The population of this city is only 30,833. The neighboring town of Bodhgaya is very noisy and it is in complete contrast with the spirit of that place. The main languages spoken in Bodhgaya are Maithili and Hindi.

The population of Bodhgaya constitutes majority of males and less females. Males make up 54 percent of the population and females make up 46 percent of the population. The city of Bodhgaya and Gaya are different. National highway 83 connects both the cities.

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There is a boost to Bodhgaya tourism since many ancient temples are located in this place. Bodhgaya tour is incomplete without a visit to the many Buddhist temples located there. If you are making Bodhgaya travel plans then you should have complete information about Bodhgaya temple.

Bodhgaya City Map

Bodhgaya City Map
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