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Bhismaknagar City Map

One of the most sacred heritage locations in India is Bhismaknagar in Arunachal Pradesh. Although the city is still under construction, the government is trying hard to make this city a popular tourist location.

One of the most important tourist locations on the Bhismaknagar map is the Bhismaknagar fort. Built during the early 12th Century using burnt bricks, this fort is considered to be the oldest archaeological site which is present in Arunachal Pradesh.

In fact, the excavation for this fort took around 3 years.

The fort depicts the rich culture of the Bhismaknagar city and shows a wide variety of handicrafts, like pottery, terracotta tiles, terracotta figures, plaque times and so on.

In fact, when you travel to Bhismaknagar Arunachal Pradesh you will find that this city is also the holy site for the Idu Mishmis who are one of the primitive tribal communities in the state.

Bhismaknagar travel is meant for those who are eager to brush up on the history of the city as well as the culture which existed or for those who are simply looking for a nice, quiet place to relax and rejuvenate. Bhismaknagar truly shows the symbol of the grandeur which existed in the past along with the type of civilization which existed as well.

Bhismaknagar City Map

Bhismaknagar City Map
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