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Bhagalpur City Map

Bhagalpur is an important town that is situated in the banks of river Ganga. It is located at 141 feet above sea level. Bhagalpur map will help you know more about this place. Bhagalpur is popular for its silk. Hence it is also known as the silk city.

The total population of Bhagalpur is 398, 138. This city has great historical importance since it is situated in the banks of the river Ganga. Bhagalpur city is located between Patna and Kolkata.

Bhagalpur is a small city and it is mostly dependent on agriculture and other small scale industries for its livelihood.

Many people are farmers who earn their daily wages through agriculture. The city is still developing. Bhagalpur Bihar has earned the reputation of being the second largest city of Bihar. The silk that is produced in Bhagalpur is also exported to many countries including the United States of America.

The total road length of Bhagalpur city is 50 km. If you want to travel to Bhagalpur then you can either travel by rail or road.

There are still plans to construct airport in Bhagalpur. There are many big malls and educational institutes in Bhagalpur district. You will also find many engineering colleges in Bhagalpur. You can gather information about Bhagalpur from the internet.

Bhagalpur City Map

Bhagalpur City Map
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