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Akashiganga City Map

One of the most visited pilgrim centres in the country is Akashiganga of Arunachal Pradesh. Hindu religion states that Lord Shiva, wandered with the body of Parvati and finally cut it up into a hundred pieces, one of the piece of the corpse landed in Akashiganga, making this place, a hop spot for all pilgrims. In fact, thousands of tourists every year flock to Akashiganga at Arunachal Pradesh to wash away all their sins and to start afresh with the blessing of Parvati.

The map of Akashiganga is a mix between mystical waterfalls and majestic peaks.

The map of Akashinganga is filled with temples which have rich historical heritage attached to them. If you truly want to know more about this city then you need to go through the Akashinganga map thoroughly. You will find various sightseeing spots which will give you a better idea of the city along with its rich cultural and historical heritage.

A must visit if you go to Akashigang is the sacred well, this is where most pilgrims visit in order to take a holy bath and to wash away any sort of sins.

Due to the mythical and historical background surrounding this city, it is one of the top pilgrimage places to visit, but if you also have a love for nature, then you must visit this place.

Akashiganga City Map

Akashiganga City Map
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