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Aizawl City Map

Aizawl is the capital city of Mizoram in India. It is the largest city within the state. It is the centre for all the government offices such as state assembly and civil secretariat. It reflects all the different communities of Mizoram and its people.

Aizawl Mizoram is located north of the tropic of cancer in the northern part of Mizoram. It is situated 1132 m above sea level. The feature about aizawl that attracts tourists is the humid sub tropical climate it enjoys that is very moderate throughout the year.

Aizawl College is the second oldest college, which was established in the year 1975. It is most popular among students across the worlds who are trying to pursue higher studies.

The capital of Mizoram has major banks in it to provide services to the thronging tourists and business visitors to Aizawl.

Aizawl is one among the well connected by Air, Rail and Road networks. The airport of Mizoram provides connectivity to major cities in India and has regular airlines throughout the year. A helicopter service is also available to fly short distances within the city.

Aizawl is the centre of Road networks in Mizoram connecting the North and South.

Aizawl City Map

Aizawl City Map
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