Daman and Diu

With Daman and Diu Maps you can know that the location of this place is near Surat and is a small port located in the Cambhay or the Gulf of Khambat. Gujarat and Maharashtra are its neighboring states. This is one of the popular destinations among foreign travelers who visit India regularly. The warm sunny beaches, majestic churches, statues and figurines with intricate craftsmanship, majestic forts, coconut groves, and ample green parks are popular attention grabbers among international tourists.

The fascinating quality about Daman and Diu is its tasty gourmet of food which is sure to satisfy the taste buds of its visitors. The amazing variety of tasty seafood and the right amount of spices offer a tasty treat to the visitors who can grab platefuls of mouth-watering food at many modern restaurants and bars. The climate of Daman is mild and humid while Diu experiences a sultry climate that makes it perfect for holidays. The history of Daman and Diu states that this region was under the Muslim rule for over 200 years and then it was handed over to the Portuguese. They ruled this region for more than 450 years.

Facts about Daman and Diu would tell one that there are no airports and railway station and the total road length in this region are 191 and 70 km respectively. This multicultural region is rich in tradition and customs and the culture reflects a mixture of European, Indian and tribal culture. Daman and Diu tourism are mostly at its peak, during all the seasons. There are number of places to visit in Daman and Diu such as Jain temple, Cathedral Church, lighthouse, Lady Rosary, Jampore Beach, Gandhi Park, Devka Beach, Diu Museum, St. Paul’s Church, St. Thomas Church, Jallandhar, Gangeshwar Temple, Nagoa Beach, Kachigam Tank and Children’s park. There are also a number of hotels to stay in Daman and Diu ranging from 5-star ones to cheap hotels.

They are feasible and are scattered across various regions in Daman and Diu. The location of the place over the Arabian Sea outlined by most beautiful palm and coconut trees makes the place one of the prominent tourist spots in India. The various caves that are a delight to the explorers make it a haven for travelers. The strong air network through the air makes the place easily accessible from any city in the world as many international airports are interlinked through this union territory.

Daman and Diu Map

Facts About Daman and Diu
Area 112 km2
Capital Daman
Languages Marathi, Gujarati, Portuguese, English, Hindi
Literacy 87.07%
Population 242,911
Largest City Daman

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