Cities in Chhattisgarh

List of all Cities in Chhattisgarh

RankNameDistrictTypePopulation 2011MaleFemalePopulation below 5 yrsLiteracy Rate
1RaipurRaipur districtUA1,122,555578,339544,216142,82686.45
2Durg-BhilainagarDurg districtUA1,064,077545,683518,394116,97787.02
3BilaspurBilaspur districtUA425,821232,995219,85652,55087.29
4KorbaKorba districtUA365,073189,466175,60745,52984.36
5RajnandgaonRajnandgaon districtCity163,12281,87381,24918,67787.95
6RaigarhRaigarh districtUA149,99176,89873,09318,34487.27
7JagdalpurBastar districtCity125,34563,91061,43513,80485.44
8AmbikapurSurguja districtUA123,17364,13059,04314,17287.74
9DhamtariDhamtari districtUA101,64550,76950,87611,28385.94

Cities in Chhattisgarh

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