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Chandigarh Map

Chandigarh Map
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Chandigarh map offers information about various places to visit in this city. It also provides other statistics that includes the population, culture, the location and the demographics of the city.
The city that was the first planned city and green city also known as the beautiful city is located along the shivalik range in the northwest part of India of the Himalayas.

Also the map of Chandigarh will show the neighboring districts of the city such as the Roop Nagar, Patiala and Mohali. On viewing the Chandigarh road map you will get to know that there is a well knitted network of highways and roads that offers excellent connectivity to the northern and southern parts of India. Having a copy of map Chandigarh would tell you that the railways and bus services are the best in the city.

Chandigarh map online can be availed freely at any website of maps. There is also guide map of Chandigarh that aims at offering detailed information of every place of interest present in the city. One can also spot various lakes, gardens, parks and museums with a Chandigarh city map. One can also find through the map of Chandigarh city the availability of various places offering accommodation.

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