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About Chandigarh


Chandigarh is one of the very best cities that have a planned look with highly popular buildings of architectural importance and improved quality of life. It is also considered with high regard as it is the capital of two major states - Punjab and Haryana. This city is considered
considered as the most prestigious as it depicts the new face adorned by modern India. This city is rich in all aspects which satiates the dream of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The city envisages the blend of tradition and modern outlook with lush greenery which is rightly called "The City Beautiful".

With Chandigarh Maps one will know that the city is divided into number of sectors and each measures about 800 meters by 1200 meters. Each sector has its own population and has green pasture which has educational and recreational facilities such as schools, sport grounds, parks etc. The most interesting feature about Chandigarh is that the vehicle traffic is forbidden completely and hence the whole pasture is free from smoke, dust, noise and other such factors of pollution.

The history of Chandigarh states that the Popular French architect Le Corbusier planned the urban schemes of this city and it possesses some of his greatest feats of architectural creations. You will find that the buildings in this city are cubical shaped and are perfect in shape, detail and scale which amazes the new comer to this city. When you read the facts about Chandigarh you will know that the total literacy rate of this city is 81.9% and it will also tell you about the importance the people offer to education. Also the roadways of this planned city are divided into seven Vs such as fast roads - V1, arterial roads - V2, roads with fast vehicles - V3, shopping streets with bustling activity - V4, circulation roads within sectors - V5, roads to houses - V6 and foot paths and cycle tracks - V7. One can avail bus facility for V1, V2, V3 and V4 route and V3 route is secure from other routes as it is partitioned with well built wall.

This place is highly popular among tourists and Chandigarh Tourism is never complete without visiting the most prominent Chandigarh rock garden. This world renowned garden features art works derived from urban and industrial waste matter. The unpretentious entrance of the park enthralls the tourists along with the realistic arrangement of used florescent lamps, pieces of broken chins dishes, rocks and boulders, glass bangle pieces, clay and coal.