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Assam State Map

Assam is located at the north east part of India and has several states surrounding it along its border. The name of this state is derived from an ancient language called Ahom language with the word "asama" denoting peerless, wherein the language is now extinct. With Assam Maps, one can easily know
that the entire region has three physical regions that are divided by the rivers Brahmaputra, Barak, or the Surma River. The History of Assam states that River Brahmaputra is considered as the son of God Brahma and hence is a sacred pool, according to Hindu Mythology.

The entire region this river touches comprises of plains, valleys and mountains. This river meets all the needs of the people in the region as number of streams and rivers meet the Brahmaputra. One would be highly amazed about Assam upon knowing that it is also a land of earthquakes. Facts about Assam states that from the year 1897, earth quakes have been occurring in the region but the disastrous one happened in the year 1950 as it triggered various calamities such as landslides, floods and caused dams to explode which killed many lives. When reading the Facts about Assam one will understand about the varied amount of flora and fauna, a major portion of which was lost owing to the partition of Mizoram and Meghalaya.

The place has many areas of wood such as tropical, evergreen, deciduous, pine forests, grasslands, swamp forests and broad leaf hill forests. Apart from these, about 75 species of trees are found of which Sal, hollong, bamboo, orchids and fern are highly popular. The cities in Assam are always bustling with activity with swarms of travelers as there are a number of parks and sanctuaries such as the Kaziranga National Park and Manas Wildlife Sanctuary which are popular for extinct species such as Indian rhino with one horn, tigers, leopards, elephants, guars, wild pigs and deers. Guwahati among other cities has more number of urban people and carries out various industrial activities.

The various districts in Assam are known for its indulgence in agriculture as half the population of Assam is engaged in agricultural activities such as cultivating rice, tea, jute, oil seeds, corn, rape seeds, lentils, fodder, sugarcane and fruits and vegetables. Also extractions of minerals are at a high scale that makes use of lot of man power who live in and around the plant or industry. Also the transport system of this state makes it well connected.

Assam Map

Assam Map
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Facts About Assam
Area 78,550 km2
Capital Dispur
Languages Assamese, Karbi,Bodo, Bengali
Literacy 73.18%
Population 31,169,272
Largest City Guwahati

List of all Districts in Assam

CodeDistrictHeadquartersPopulation (2001)Area (km2)
NCDima HasaoHaflong186,1894,888
KAKarbi AnglongDiphu812,32010,434
LALakhimpurNorth Lakhimpur889,3252,277

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