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Alkali Plants in India

India is well known for its production of chemical substances. The alkali plants in India provide world class chemical products and these finest quality products are exported in millions of tones to many of the foreign nations.
The finished products are mostly Caustic soda, Caustic potash, Methyl chloride, Chloroform, Hydrogen gas, hydrochloric acid, sodium cyanide and so on.

One of the main alkali plants in India is the Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd. with a production of 116,500 MTPA.

The vision of this company is to identify itself as a dynamic, modern and an eco-friendly chemical company with enduring ethics and values. Its R & D centre is well equipped and has done so many researches and helped the company in receiving so many awards. Another alkali plant is the Rayalseema Alkalies and Allied Chemicals Ltd. of Andhra Pradesh with a production of 92,600 MTPA. This company is the flagship company of the TGV group. It names itself as the leading manufacturer of Chlor Alkali products and also manufactures Castor derivatives and Fatty acids. Some of the other alkali plants in India include the Travancore-Cochin Chemicals Ltd., Grashim Industries Ltd., Jayshree Chemicals Ltd. and the Seil Chemical Complex in Punjab.

Alkali Plants

S.No. State Plants Location Production (MTPA)
1 Andhra Pradesh Rayalseema Alkalies & Allied Chemicals Ltd Kurnool   92600
2 Gujarat Gujrat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd Bharuch  116500
Gujrat Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd Vadodara  153500
Shriram Alkali & Chemicals Bharuch 62500
Indian Rayon & Industries Ltd Junagarh 37950
3 Kerala The Travancore- Cochin Chemicals Ltd Kochi 52250
4 Madhya Pradesh Grashim Industries  Ltd Nagda  108000
5 Orissa Jayshree Chemicals Ltd Ganjam 225000
6 Pondicherry  Chemfab Alkalis Ltd Kalapet 38700
7 Punjab Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd Ropar  99000
Siel Chemical Complex Patiala 82500
8 Rajasthan Shriram Vinyl & Chemical Industries Kota  39550
9 Tamil Nadu DCW Ltd Tuticorin 60000
10 Uttar Pradesh Kanoria Chemicals & Industries Ltd Sonebhadra 52000
11 West Bengal Durgapur Chemicals Ltd Burdwan 10050

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