Flights from Agartala to Imphal

FromToFlight No.DepartureArrivalDaysAirlines
AgartalaImphal6E 3582:00 PM2:50 PMM,Th,SaIndigo

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Agartala Airport AddressImphal Airport Address
Airport Name: C.A. Agartala / Singerbhil Airport
Address: CA Agartala – 799009 (Tripura)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +5.5 hours
Latitude: 23´53’24″N
Longitude: 091´14’32”
Airport Name: Imphal Airport IATA Code: IMF
Address: Imphal Airport
Imphal-795140 (Manipur)
Country: India
GMT Offset: +5:30 hours
Latitude: 24´45′.49″N
Longitude: 093´54’11″E

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