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Agricultural Universities in India

A country's development not only depends on how many public sector industries established but also depends heavily on number of universities were opened. In that aspect agricultural universities are very important, because economic development of India depends on the agricultural growth only.
If we want a stable country then we should become self sustainable country in food management. There are many agricultural universities in India which are producing talented engineers, but the fact is nowadays students are more interested in doing technical graduation courses only.

The view among the students of India should change. Every state has its own Agriculture University. Tamil nadu agriculture university, Punjab Agriculture University, rajasthan Agriculture University, kerala Agriculture University and central agriculture university in manipure were some of the universities governed by the respective states. There are also plenty of private universities in India. There are also veterinary universities in India.

Tamil nadu animal and veterinary science university in Tamil nadu, west Bengal animal sciences and fisheries university in west Bengal and animal sciences and veterinary university were some of the veterinary universities in India. In Jharkhand, there is a university called birsa agricultural university situated in dhoni's hometown is one the famous agricultural university.

Agricultural Universities in India

PUNJAB01639-251244(O) 253693(R) Faridkot_aiccip@
HARYANA01662-231171, 231172(O) 236082(R)01662-234952
RAJASTHAN0154-2420619(O) 2427499(R)
MADHYA PRADESH0733-222217(O) 225520(R)
GUJARAT0261-23666097(O) 2277419(R)
Maharastra0724-258200- Extn.94 258217, 258475(O) 2456447(R)
Maharastra02462-39930(O) 41576(O) 48408(R)02462-239930
ANDHRA PRADESH0863-2524169(O) 2524017(O) 2359366(R)
KARNATAKA0836-2447874(O) 2776263(R)
TAMILNADU0422-2456297 (O) 2423210 (R)0422-2431672
PUNJAB0161-2401969-Extn.334 2472731 (R)
Rajasthan02962-2242813(O) 2248586(R)
UTTAR PRADESH 0512-2294661-65
MADHYA PRADESH0731- 2702249 (O)
GUJARAT 0285-2670201 Extn.248 2670201 to
MAHARASHTRA02426-33449(O) 43101(R)02426-243208 243223
ANDHRA PRADESH08514 - 242296(O) 246815 242310(R)
KARNATAKA08396- 247249 (O)
TAMILNADU04563-2620736(O) 2621953(R)

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